8 Months

 I’ve said it before, but this first year is flying by! RJ is busy, crawling like a champ and trying to get into everything. My in-laws were visiting this past weekend and they child proofed the kitchen. *Now, if I can remember that every time I go to open a cabinet!* I’m amazed at how quickly his opinion of things can change. As I mentioned in the Choices post, we are enrolling him in daycare because he didn’t want to be around other people, even if we were in the room.  Well, last weekend, we went to visit friends and he suddenly became a social butterfly!? He was awesome with the in-laws, also.  Totally different from when they saw him two months ago, when he barely wanted anything to do with them.
He is finally beginning to say mama, after months of nothing but dada! *The dadas still out number the mamas, but I’ll take what I can get.* His face lights up with a huge smile and he does a little bouncing dance when he sees me:)
On the food aspect, he is eating everything. He has yet to refuse any fruit, veggie or meat I’ve put before him. I’m trying to expose him to a variety of foods, in hopes that he won’t become a picky eater later. The only issue we are having now is getting him to eat chunkier food. I’ve been told that it will take some time. Right now, whenever there is a tiny piece of pasta or a bigger veggie piece in his mouth, he gags!! *Yes, he can be quite the drama king!* Any suggestions on making this transition go smoothly?
These eight months have been such a blessing. Some days are rough, and sometimes I still feel like I’m in over my head. However, I see his smile and hear him laugh an everything else goes out the window.






  • Reply MrsTDJ July 14, 2011 at 12:51 pm

    Aren’t the smiles just the best?????? Happy to hear that he’s gotten past the initial round of shyness/insecurity around strangers. It seems like it comes and goes in waves. I have no advice regarding the food issue because my 2 year old has a feeding disorder. Good luck!!

  • Reply yummommy July 30, 2011 at 11:37 pm

    He is really moving. They don’t stay babies long.

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