4 Month Checkup

RJ had his 4 month check up today! I was very excited because I knew we would get the green light to begin solid foods:)  I am so looking forward to putting him in his highchair an feeding him for the first time! Yes, our doctor wants us to start with the spoon and not by putting the cereal in the the bottle.  We, the doctor an I, decided to go with oatmeal cereal instead of rice.  Rice normally gives no food allergy issues, however, RJ has constipation issues an oatmeal may help him more than the rice.  So, we will do the oatmeal for little while and then introduce other foods. The second will more than likely be prunes because of the aforementioned  bm issues. The doctor said, normally, she recommends you start with vegetables and then fruit, so the child will have a taste for vegetables, not sweets.  However, because of his bm problems we are switching it up.  Also, breastfed babies are already use to sweet tastes, because breast milk is sweet. Yes, I have tasted my breast milk!  I was curious, dammit! LOL  Don’t act like I’m the only one!

Anyway, here are the numbers:

Weight: 14.5 pounds

Length: 25inches

He has hit all of his age appropriate, developmental milestones and has a clean bill of health!



4 Month Checkup


In Other News:

There is a Big Change coming to the M Spot one week from today! Stay tuned:)

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