3rd Trimester!

We are officially in the 3rd trimester!!! Twelve weeks left, give or take.  We are still working on the room. Today, Hubby finished up some projects he has been putting off.  With the first shower in a few weeks, I didn’t want the to do list to get backed up.  So, he adjusted the shelf in the closet, put up the vinyl wall quote and mounted the video monitor to the wall.   He also decided that he wants to paint the inside of the closet. Maybe that’s next weekend’s project?! 

Tomorrow, I go to the doctor for my monthly visit and my glucose test.  I’m ready to get this test done!

Hubby finally saw the baby move a few nights ago! I think it freaked him out a little:)  Watching my stomach move has become my new favorite pastime!

Working hard!


Big Brother!

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