36 Years

Today is my birthday and I took the day off to enjoy some “me time”. ‘Cause why the hell not?!


Me at about 10 or 11

As my 35th year progressed, the vision for what I wanted for my family came more into focus. I became more determined to stick it out an accomplish the goals I set in my head and more willing to accept the fact that those goals won’t be obtained overnight. Patience maybe a virtue but it’s not one I tend to possess. However, I was tired of complaining about the same things knowing good and well I had the power to change them. Once I got focused, I could see things start to work out according to my plan. For a while, it was a little scary and I kept waiting to be derailed because there was no way it could be that easy, right?! What’s funny is issues did arise, problems with land my parents own in my hometown, my car being totaled and having to have a car payment again, stress about a lump/cyst in one of my breast, but they worked themselves out. My brothers and I set up a plan for land, Hubby & I found a used car for a great price with low mileage & payment & a mammogram and ultrasound determined my breasts were healthy. Everything seems to be signaling that we’re on the right path. In my mid-thirties, I’m realizing that not every test is a setback. Take my car for instance. I didn’t want a car payment, but truth is my previous car was getting older and needed work. Now we have a much newer car covered under a warranty.

I’m excited about this 36th year and the new things I will discover about myself and  what it has in store for my family.

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