2014: Recap

The years just seem to fly by, now.  Here are some of the moments that have stood out for me this year:

My health played a big part of my year.  I wore a heart monitor for month earlier this year and discovered an issue I’d been having was really a thing and not this a figment of my imagination. Luckily, it’s not life threatening.

I had a breast cancer scare as my doctor found a lump during my yearly exam.  Hubby and I went through two weeks of extreme worry.  However, I now understand the importance of checking my breast throughout my cycle so I know what’s normal and what’s not.

Hubby and I kept our gym kept our gym membership all year.  We rearranged our RJ pick-up schedule so we could each be guaranteed gym time.  As a result, I fell in love with spinning! *The secret to loving spin is 30% instructor and 70% the instructor’s choice of music!* I’ve found an instructor with GREAT taste in music.

I finally ran my first 10k race!

RJ played his first team sports, t-ball and soccer,  this year and he rocked at both of them!

He also started pre-school this fall. He’s learning so much. The kid is like a sponge.

We hosted our very first Game Night.  It was the perfect blend of old friends and the new ones we’ve made here.

I became TESOL certified.  I was a little nervous about being back in a class setting again, but I’m glad I did it. I’m still pondering when to begin putting it to work outside of my regular job.  All things in due time.

We vacationed in NYC.  RJ is older now so we got to experience the city with him.  He rode the subway, we took him to Manhattan for the very 1st time and he went to Coney Island. The highlight of the trip for me was

RJ and I took swim lessons this summer! We will definitely need more next summer but at least we got our feet wet;)

I’ve had a stressful work year. There have been A LOT of changes and those changes have pushed me into more of a lead role.  It has been extremely stressful, I have vented, I have cussed and I have shed some tears.  I learned a lot about myself as a manager, my strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes things happen to push you into the place in which you were meant to be and to help you realize your potential.



This year was a good one filled with love, successes and some defeats.   I don’t have any big goals or resolutions for the upcoming year.  For 2015,  I just want my family to end the year a little healthier and happier, mentally, spiritually, physically and financially than when we began.  


xmas 2014


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