11 Months

I’m super late with this post considering RJ will be 1 next Saturday!!! His 11th month was filled with illness, unfortunately:( He had Hand Mouth and Foot and an ear infection that is taking it’s time to clear up.  However, he has been taking it like a champ! The is walking well and everywhere.  He still says Daddy A LOT more than Mommy, but he is saying Mommy or Mama more often.  He is still sleeping through the night, down at 7:30 or 8ish an up around 7am. *Sometimes on the weekends he will sleep until 8 or so. *I still wake up at 7 like clock work:|*  Right now, his favorite foods are peaches and Cheerios.  He has about 4 more teeth trying to come in right now so that is all I can get him to eat, consistently.  He also has a serious affection for baked macaroni and cheese. I don’t like to make that often because I make it my mom’s way, ie lots of butter & cheese!  We are trying to get him to drink his formula from a sippy cup. He will drink water from the standard one, but we also got him one with a straw.  He knows how to use the straw but won’t take more than 2 or 3 sips.  My friend says he may drink from it more once he starts on real milk.  I hope so because I’m tired of bottles! *Also, he can’t move to the next class at daycare until he drinks everything from a cup.*

I know, from his recent doctor’s visits that he now weighs  20lbs. He is wearing 12 and 18 month clothing and size  4 1/2 shoe.  We will be upgrading to a convertible car seat soon! We need 2 and my Godmom is buying one as his birthday gift! *She always buys the best gifts:)*  Soon he when he has his coat on, he won’t look like stuffed sausage when I squeeze him in his carrier! LOL

Photos from his 11th months:

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