Weekend Recap

I had a very calm weekend. Saturday, I had all intentions of going to the big child consignment sale in town, but never made it. Instead, I cleaned out my flower planters to get them ready for the herbs, flowers and possible veggies I plan to buy at our church’s annual plant sale this coming Saturday. I also dug up the flower I planted in front of the house a couple of years ago. It was pretty with nice purple blossoms an a very distinct and lingering scent. The thing is what I thought was just a little flower, grew into a bush! I dug up its twin last year.
I also wanted to get some Easter decorations for outside. So, I went to Hobby Lobby and purchased some gel window decorations and what I thought was a cute yard sign. Have you ever read something that you later realized was grammatically or factually wrong, *like this post before I proofread it!*but you automatically read it correctly because you know what it should say?! Well that’s what I did with the sign! I purchased the book, Peter Cottontail, for RJ a couple weeks ago. So, I had the words of the book in my head when  saw the sign. “Here comes Peter Cottontail hoppin down the bunny trail, hippity hoppin Easter’s on its way!”  It wasn’t until we returned home from church Sunday evening that I read what was actually on the sign. I took it down immediately! I already stuck it in the ground, I’m not sure if the store will take it back. If they don’t, I will buy some paint and correct the errors myself!


Sunday, RJ an I took a trip to the mall for some window shopping, had lunch at Panera and picked up a few items at the grocery store. He was a trooper the entire time! I was going to take him to the park, but he fell asleep and were on a time crunch to make it to evening Mass. At home last night, we did our usual Sunday bath night. *We don’t bathe him every night. I watched an episode of The Doctors and they said frequent baths for babies can be drying for their skin, and it’s not necessary.* Anyway, bath time naturally includes washing of the hair. When RJ was born, he had a lot of hair but it was straight. At some point, now that straight hair has turned to curl city!! I call him my little Jimmer Fredette (BYU star basketball player with curly hair) or think Justin Timberlake (NSYNC days) I like to pick the curls out while his hair is wet and let it dry that way so he can have a curly afro!!


I also tried my hand at making baby food for the first time! I made green peas for RJ. I let him try them out for lunch today. I’m a little nervous, I mean making it was simple enough but I wonder if he will like them. He has been anti-solids lately. *fingers crossed*


Well, it’s almost 2am an I have a 6day work week ahead of me! Time to hit the hay. Of course, I’m sure once I get all snug and settled, the little guy will wake up!

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