10 Months

 As of this past Monday, I  am the Mommy of a 10 month old:| What a difference a month makes! RJ now eats puffs like a champ!! No gagging and I have to stop him from stuffing fistfuls in his mouth! Now, I will start introducing other finger foods. *Wish me luck* He LOVES daycare! We drop him off and he goes straight to a toy and waves goodbye and Hubby says he is never ready to go home when he picks him up.  I’m so happy that he loves it.

Everything else is going well. He sleeps through the night. He goes down between 8pm and 9pm and we get him up around 6:30am.  On the weekends, he is up by 7am.  I’m so grateful the we can now put him down for the night and then get some things done around the house, or just relax.

I have a little under two months to get his birthday party planned! I’m not going to do a theme. I just envision lots of balloons, and pictures of him from his first year! I picked up a shirt and bib that says “First Birthday” on it, from Kohl’s.  The colors are blue and green, so I guess that’s the color scheme I’ll be working with.  I’m on the fence about making the cupcakes myself or ordering them and I need to make a decision on the invites.  I need to get cracking because November 12th will be here before I know it!

Now for the BEST part of this post!

Thursday night, I saw RJ take steps!!! A few weeks ago his teacher said he took two steps but he hadn’t done it at home.  Wednesday, another teacher told Hubby he took some steps, again.  So, Hubby had him “practice” when they got home. When I came in the door from work, I was greeted by my baby, standing up all by himself and then he took two steps!!! I cried, of course:)  So yesterday, I took him to Stride Rite and got him a pair of early walkers!

We went to Stride Rite last weekend with the intention of getting him some early walkers then, but after talking to the sales person, we decided against it. We still hadn’t seen him take any steps and the teachers hadn’t mentioned it again.  The shoes can run $40+ and only last about three months so we wanted to wait until he would really get some use out of them.  However, he is taking more steps, the weather started to cool so we figured we better get him some shoes. *What a difference a week makes!*


  • Reply kita September 18, 2011 at 1:04 pm

    Awwww they grow so fast. Have not seen you in the blog world in a while I know you are busy. I hope the new job is going well. The good thing about stride rite shoes is that you can past them down to the next baby so it’s worth the money.

    • Reply Jenni September 18, 2011 at 3:25 pm

      Yes, I have been missing! I had A LOT of down time with my previous job and it was a job that I did and left at the office. I love the new job, but it is a full day of work and sometimes I have to bring that work home. I’m hoping to post more consistently, soon! Thanks for noticing I’ve been MIA! LOL

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